On course at one of Australia’s prestigious racing precincts, Caulfield Racecourse.

Situated only 8km from the heart of Melbourne’s city, Caulfield Racecourse offers state of the art facilities to ensure your horse reaches their racing potential.

At Sadler Racing we have access to the multiple track surfaces on offer at Caulfield including turf, synthetic and sand, together with a pool and onsite veterinary clinic.

Tracks include:

  • A sand track; 2005m x 5m
  • Steeple grass; 1900m x 18m
  • Polytrack; 1700m x 9m. (combination of wax, crumbed rubber, shredded carpet fibre and sand)
  • Inside grass; 1400m x 14m
  • Lead sand; 1500m x 6m
  • Steeple and hurdle training facilities; 250m laneway containing 3 jumps of each

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